Spring fever hits Chaps HQ!

Hey! What’s got 16 thumbs, eight ascots, 2 beards, 1 set of bongos, and will be in San Diego the weekend of August 14 – 17? THE SATIN CHAPS, that’s what!

We’re heading down to dig the crazy scene at this year’s Tiki Oasis for four days of hula skirts, Mai Tais, groovy music, and sun, sun, sun, BABY! The Chaps are stoked to be part of the weekend’s roster of bands that included The Standells, El Vez,The Unclaimed, LOVE Revisited, Davie Allan and The Arrows, Los Shimmy Shakers, Jason Lee and the RIP-Tides, and a ton more. We’re playing Friday night. Get your tickets!


We started work on recording six new songs over at Eric’s studio (where we recorded Might I Suggest The Satin Chaps.) New song titles include Hard Drivin’, Tight Jeans and Tambourines, Stompin’, International Waters, and a couple of cool covers that our fans have been begging us to record. Stay tuned in for more details.

Band Record

Harns Record

Holiday Happenings!

The chaps have been thoroughly enjoying the holiday season. We kicked it off Halloween night with Satan’s Pilgrims and spent November fattening our set list with new songs to lay on ya at our December shows. Starting Thursday December 19 we’ll be joining Portland soul singer Jeni Wren of Shy Girls and she wraps up her fall residency at Secret Society. Expect an evening of soaring, soulful vocals backed up by her big band of Portland music power players. Tuesday December 31 we go back to Secret Society with our pals Brownish Black and DJ Hippie Joe and DJ Superwonder to bid a fond Farwell to 2013 with a heavy duty soul stomper of a night. Tickets are going fast!

Our new store is officially open! Keep an eye out for updates with new goodies!

Check out some footage from our Halloween performance!
A new one, “Hard Drivin’” featuring our new sax man, Marc Hutchinson

Jump, Shout, Shake!

Our version of Hey Sah-lo-ney by Mickey Lee Lane


The Chaps are rested from their busy summer and their much needed time off last month but now they’re back and ready to sock it to you like they really wanna do it, baby! We’ve been writing new material and will unleash a couple new monsters on Monday, October 14th when we open for King Khan and The Shrines! We’ll also have another new song with full vocals (performed by Portland powerhouse JR Pella) on Halloween night when we open for Satan’s Pilgrims at The Crystal Ballroom! Keep your eyes peeled for new Satin Chaps custom ascots and t-shirts coming you way in the next month.